i consider myself a smart woman, i think that i change the life of the people that is around me, i am sweet and what make me unique is that i am real and honest, i like to take the time to get to know the other person and find his deepest desires and secrets, i will mkae u feel new sensations if u c

Violetta Haze: Night of Sex

I want to share with you one of my best moments in sex.One Saturday I went out dancing with some friends and in that place I saw a really cute boy, his lips were big and full, tall and strong, I couldn’t stop looking at him and I think he realized this because after a while he took me out dancing. a bachata, you can’t imagine the connection that man and I had, I felt so good in his arms, I didn’t want the song to end, after this we continued dancing to many more songs, we started talking and then we ended up in his apartment having the best night of sex, we did it all over the house for the rest of the night

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Hey there! I`m a spirited brunette with an eye for detail and a heart that craves meaningful connections. I find joy in listening to stories, unraveling mysteries, and savoring every moment. Whether we`re discussing philosophy over a cup of coffee or embarking on spontaneous adventures, I`m all in.

Violetta Haze: Morning Masturbations

My masturbations are frustratingly effective. Yes, it’s clear, I know the keys, and the thoughts that clear them from their bottleneck. Just woke up, my hot mind goes much faster than the rest. Don’t you feel like saluting the sun with a nice orgasm? The truth is that I have listened to him a thousand times, and my morning orgasms are a shitty mini-spasm that barely reaches my thighs.

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Hello to you! How are you today? I am your sweet angel and I`m always in the mood to talk and to listen to your deepest thoughts, joys and sorrows. My smile will warm your heart and my optimism will wash away any bad feeling. Let yourself fall in my arms and I`ll be the perfect lover for you!

Violetta Haze: The Present Day

I’m going to tell you a little about my day, I got up at five in the morning, I went to take a shower, eager to get to the studio soon to start the broadcast so they could fuck me hard, then I went up to my room and started to slowly get dressed, With a sensuality that came naturally, I made my bed, got my toys ready and went to the studio. I arrived at half past six, I put on makeup and started broadcasting for you. First I commented with a show of oil all over my body, I continued. with a foot show, then with a breast show, twerk dancing, and I had a maid costume and that’s how I had fun with you, I invite you to be present at some of my shows and I promise you won’t regret it, because They will warm up as much as I do and we will do various things in my room; and at this moment I tell you that I am thinking about a hard cock inside my pussy that excites me so much until it makes me reach climax, I also want to give a blowjob of those in which I choke so much and drool a lot as if it were semen, ride so much on that cock to satisfy us both

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Kathia Lu: My Motorcycle

She is the best in the world, she can walk very fast but she is also super safe when applying an emergency brake, I travel with her and she always brings me or takes me, have you never loved an object in your life? well I do and it’s on my motorcycle

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Hi, my name is Lana) Slim and sophisticated girl.I`m waiting for you in my room to warm your heart with my smile)


Hi, I`m Kaori! A cute young girl who loves the geek world. I`m quite a newbie on sex life and I would love to learn more with you!