Amara Jons: A Little Bit About Me!

Usually when I’m not on cam, I like to spend time with myself… I enjoy reading a bit lol although sometimes I tend to be very distracted, my mind can’t stay still…I try to get up early in the morning to make my day more productive, I prepare my breakfast, although I’m not the best cook, sometimes I have to call my mom for help.I’m not the most Fitness girl but I try to exercise 3 times a week, and eat a balanced diet… although I love sweets and junk food, I’m very weak hahahaha….One of the things I enjoy the most when I get home is seeing my cat, he fills my heart with happiness and gives me so much peace of mind… my cat is not very loving, he doesn’t like to be held or filled with kisses, In the same way, I am happy by his side, and he is my best company.

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